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Welcome to the official site of Analog Binary Set. You can listen to music by Analog Binary Set and other music groups and you can state your opinion about news, politics, and other world issues on our blogs. We are dedicated to creating innovative music of many variations of style and genre. We think it is ridiculous that many music groups ranging in many different popularity statuses produce songs and music of just one style and genre. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but we feel that there are not enough music groups out there that vary in style and genre in their songs. Here at, we will have many artists that produce music the way they want to by not being influenced by the mainstream music industry. We believe that only music should sell and not the soul. Be sure to check out this site because we will constantly update this site with new music from the group Analog Binary Set and other music groups. We will also periodically update this site with new pictures, stories, articles, posted emails, and other new features.

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