About Analog Binary Set

In reality, the group Analog Binary Set currently consists of just one person. That person is me, Sage. The name Sage or D9 is basically my stage name. Right now I write, perform, and produce the music for Analog Binary Set. You might get confused with my terminology since I refer to Analog Binary Set as a group. The reason I refer Analog Binary Set as a group is because I plan on collaborating with other artists from time to time as well as getting help from other people when I perform on stage in the future. I use my computer to create music. For example I use Reason to make my beats, Guitar Rig to add guitar instruments to my songs, Sound Forge to record my vocals and other live instruments, and Acid to organize all the music tracks. There are other programs available that I use such as other Native Instruments programs, Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, and Ableton. I sing and play different instruments. My songs range in different genres from underground Hip Hop to Indie to Neo Soul to other types of music. Click on the link below to listen to music from Analog Binary Set.